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Stories E | Stories F | Stories G | Gai-Shift Stories: E: Easter Egg Hunt T S Fesseln M/f; bond; cuffs; gag; collar; costume; outdoors; toys; tease; climax; cons; X

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After months of not so subtly implying that he was ready to be done playing the world’s most iconic spy, Daniel Craig has finally confirmed that he will, in fact

The Attractive Bent-Gender trope as used in popular culture. Whenever a male is turned into a female (or sometimes just when he dresses as one), he/she will …

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The first trailer made its way on the internet today, and you see Scott’s character contemplating the fact that his six-year-old stepson might be the Antichrist.

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The Creepy Crossdresser trope as used in popular culture. A Crossdressing character whose choice of attire is played for weirdness, for creepiness, for …

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