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May 31, 2015 · Hello beautiful people, this is a quick video on 5 ways to secure your wig. I hope you find one or two ways helpful. Follow me on other social network

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Make a wig from your own hair or from someone else’s hair donation. Custom design a medical wig from your own hair for a cancer patient.

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Take Charge! Cut Before Chemo Takes Your Hair. Have YOUR hair made into a halo Wig. Wear it under any hat, cap or scarf. It’s a great solution for chemo-savy girls. leverages the power of your community to provide custom wigs to those in need. Custom wigs for chemotherapy, alopecia and other related hair loss.

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Find Your Wig Size While average size wigs tend to fit about 95% of customers, you will find that quite a few wigs also come in petite and large sizes.

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How to Make Your Own Wig out of Weave. Whether you are trying to grow your hair out or attempting a new look, learning the basics of a weave can be a great skill.

Jan 21, 2015 · Buy wig accessories and find more helpful tips at This video shows you 4 different ways to keep your wig …

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Find Your Color Your hair color says a lot about you. And being happy with your color can do wonders for

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Dec 20, 2016 · How to Apply a Wig. Wigs are fun, and sometimes necessary, accessories. Whether you need a wig or just want to spice up your style, wig application can be

Most people are surprised to know how easy it is to make your own wig. Making your own wig offers many benefits including custom fit, specific style tweaks all your